202MC – Neo Liberalism (Conclusion, reflection)

Neo Liberalism is defined as being an ideology of the free individual. However, I think that its just a term to mask the structure and dividation of social hierarchies where the upper classes still rule. Hill fields is an area once ruled by upper class men and women but ver the year turned into a area housing migrants and working class people. Neo liberalism does nothing to help better todays societies. Its a tool used by the state to influence further capitalism on modern life, and ensure that all the money goes through the 1percenters of the world whilst the 99percent is left to suffer.  Hill Fields is prime example of an area where neo liberalist ideologies do not exist. In these small worlds its a every man for himself and his family mentality. People are forced together in small area, typically people with backgrounds which don’t like each other. The hill fields are is largely dormant to people of colour, and foreign owned business, it is a multicultural place and a small community and it looks as if its fine from what i saw from my observations.

Neo Liberalism uses race, class, gender to rule over societies. It is a hegemonic process delivering new and old ideal into the modern world whilst continuing to reconstruct itself and expand.We are set to live in this neo liberalistic world for a while now, not until a revolution comes, a real one.


202MC – HillFields (Race & Migration)

IMG_9390 Hillfields has a high population of immigrants compared to any other part of Coventry. As you can see in the above picture, that is Hill Fields highstreet which is mainly populated with Fried Chicken Shops, Kebab Shops & Pizza shops all owned by Asian families. Nearly all of the shops on the hughstreet are owned by people of foreign background. I have noticed that in most areas around the country, there are places like Hill Fields where all the immigrants and people of colour are packed into. I have come to realise that the Neo-Liberal system is designed to keep a certain order and gap between rich and poor. Where there are poorer areas, you often notice how densely populated it is and how it differs to lets say a place like Earlsdon. Earlsdon is an area for the more middle to upper class families that reside in the Coventry/ Warwickshire County. It boasts large detached houses and in a single road you’ll most likely be able to count several new models of fancy cars and just not so old fancy cars.

Now compare that image to these:


IMG_9372 IMG_9371

In recent years, there been increase in the migration of people of colour in the Hill Fields area, particularly Somalis. These migrations and increase in population has seen Hill Fields turn into a one of the worst places in Cov fuelled with gang violence from the oppressed black youths. Furthermore, famous black Coventrians who have lived in Hillfields include Neville Staple of who has written about the dance scene and casual street violence that were a hallmark of life in that area.

Below is a music video shot in Hill Fields. It present to us the normal/ standard lives of the youths in that area. It brings awareness to the things that the youths are getting involved in and how its caused by lack of Jobs and apprenticeships to take the youths of the roads.

Neo-liberalism does nothing to support the 1%, the economy is bust and the poorer people are suffering from it.



202MC – Hill Fields (Red Light District & Neoliberalism)

In the 1980’s Hill Fields was well known for its red light district. However, following a huge crackdown on prostitution in the area by the police, as well as constant police surveillance in the area. The red light district isn’t as active is it used to be but sex workers can still be found in the area.

Sex workers in Hill Fields are a result of the neo-liberal economy, as the years have gone by. The rise of power in the state meant that men had more opportunities to make something of themselves than women did. The expectations of any woman in time have always been to be a more stay at home wife, who looks after the house and the children and cooks. To this day woman are still constantly represented in the media as a housewife or a sex symbol. Unlike other regions such South east Asia women in the West have a choice. In poorer areas, female become involved in the sex market because they are enslaved in the “double binds of patriarchal subordination and capitalistic exploitation, which deprives them of other income earning options”. However, females typically in the West, have the rational ability and right to chose sexual labour as employment.

In a society and economy practically created by men, women are the individuals left to suffer in a economy that takes advantage of the vulnerable individual. Women have become a nations most profitable product, and the neo-liberalistic world with its ideologies have reinforced the selling of a women body as a means to make money. Sex sells as they say. Largely, the main reason in the booming of the red light district was due to the changes in the Neo Liberalistic world of today more so than it was to do with unemployment. The new world was beginning on the basis of ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll’. There was a sense of freedom and individuality brought in by Neo-Liberalism. That and a massive influence coming from America which expanded the British Neo-Liberastic view.

Gender has always paved the way in which things are run. In a world which talks about equality and freedom, it was in-fact the opposite and rather a state which was oppressive and governed society rather than letting individuals be free. It can be argued that neoliberal policies have laid the foundation for the exploitation of economically disadvantaged individuals and women in particular. Neo-liberalism is described as being a “market driven ideology that seeks to transfer economic activity and wealth from the public sector to the private”. Neo-liberalism offers a “distorted view of reality, how people are living and their agential capacity to improve their lives.


Adrienne Sanders. (2008). How Neo-liberalism has Bolstered the Global Sex Trade. Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia. 1 (1), 1-6.



202MC – Rethink, React, Respond

Critically analyse, how contemporary Neoliberal configurations of class, race, gender and citizenship are, embodied and enacted in an urban neighbourhood of your choice.

Neoliberalism is a reference to the shaping influence of capitalism on modern life. This movement typically begun in the 1920s at the rise of a capitalist mass society which included mass production and a mass consumer market. Its often defined as being a political movement, that blends traditional liberal concerns for social justice with an emphasis on economic growth. It is a small-state economic ideology based on promoting “rational self-interest”.

As part of this module, Ive chosen to apply Neoliberalism to the Hill Fields area in Coventry.   Hill Fields is a residential suburb in Coventry with plenty of history. I’ve often heard of how rough Hill Fields used to be from local Coventry citizens and how it was once fuelled with gang violence not so long ago. Hill Fields also has a notoriety for homing Coventry’s very own red light district.  It is located northeast of the city centre. Several factories involved in Coventry’s once-booming motor industry were based in Hillfields, which was heavily damaged in the Coventry Blitz and redeveloped into housing.  Screenshot 2014-06-05 03.17.11

Typically Hill Fields is a working class area. However, research has shown me that between 1841 and 1861, the time which the majority of houses in Hill Fields were built. The area became the home of upper class freemen weavers and the other parts of the city were for the lower classes, and factory workers. This was due to the fact that the standard of living of those moving to Hill Fields was much higher than those remaining in the city slums. Immediately, this showed me a ago or difference which is noted in todays modern society. The dividing of the upper classes to the poorer classes. Neo-liberalism lies about a ‘free state for all’. If the state was truly free surely there would be no ruling class and the residential areas would be mixed with the privileged and less privileged. During, this period it is apparent to note that Neo-liberalist ideologies were already implemented as there was a shaping influence of growth into modern life for Coventry locals. The building of new houses and a booming car manufacturing industry right at their door steps, Hill Fields residents were probably excited at the new opportunities arising.

Screenshot 2014-06-05 03.18.15 However, such is not the case now, when looking at Hill Fields. An area mainly populated by immigrants Hill Fields is now a working class area. After the second world war destroyed many of the buildings and houses in the area there was a massive rebuilding scheme to build more housing for people, so they built tower blocks. Redevelopment of the area began in the early 1960s with the intention of housing a population of 6,000 people in high-density areas. Halfway through the decade, three mid-rise tower blocks had been completed, with two more larger ones being under construction and in planning. Upon the completion of the construction, thirteen tower blocks had been built.

Screenshot 2014-06-05 03.18.31

During its redevelopment Hill Fields had already been branded by the state. Tower blocks are a symbol of the working class and the division between rich and poor. Neo-Liberalism is the mask that covers this up. Typically tower blocks are sociated with people of colour/ immigrants mainly because these are the people that have come the country to work.

Tony Blaire stated in 1999 that “the class war is over. But the struggle for true equality has only just begun”. In a culture where neo-liberal ideas represent wealth as the dominant force and impetus of everything, its hard to believe that there can be such a thing is true equality. The above pictures shows us the unfairity of the state to quickly build a block of flats were, theres so many people squashed in one area which causes turmoil and hostility in that area there by becoming dangerous. These are the areas you later hear about not be in at night etc. It also important to note the way in which people are classed in areas like Hill Fields. As if being branded working class wasn’t enough but also to be given a racial slur refereeing to the type of person you are, Chav! Typically, tower blocks is where you’re going to find people who are represented as being problematic, long term benefit claimers, and welfare dependant.


Coventry Society. (2013). Hillfields. Available: http://www.coventrysociety.org.uk/coventry-neighbourhoods/hillfields.html. Last accessed May 2014.

Hall, S. (2011) “The Neoliberal Revolution.” Cultural Studies 25(6): 705-728.


Manyun420 – Fe Fi Fo Fum | Music Video

Day 19 – 20

Manyun is my first official client and first collaborator. Im proud of this as this has come just via social networking. I have now produced 2 videos of him, with work planned for summer. I look forward to creating more visuals for him in the future and continuing a good working relationship. Since the start of my music video directing journey I have learnt a trade of skills and things to work in the future. From here on the work only gets better, I hope and the learning continues.

We shot the following video in some woods in Coventry. It was a great experience working with different crops and working with a Jib. I had a lot of fun on this shoot and got some great shots.

The video has since got 12k views on his youtube page which is great.

Jimmy Brooks Ft. M.fazz – Green | Music Video

Day 17-18

Continuing to network with rappers around the Coventry area I came across Jimmy Brooks, whom is a rapper studying at Coventry University but resides in London. We got talking from one of the events I was covering with O.N.W collective and I decided to make a video for one of his songs ‘Green’ which is a cover of another song by famous rapper ‘SchoolBoy Q’ called ‘Yay Yay’. As I’ve learnt from my past productions that one cannot do everything on his own I asked one of my friend to give me some extra hands on the shoot.

We travelled to his house and continuing my theme of stylistic green lighting we lit up his house with two gels that complimented each other very well. The lighting came of very good and the video came out great however, it didn’t receive as much of an audience as I would have hoped.

The views capped below 1k which was quite disappointing.