100word Documentary Proposal: ‘Jacked In’

Rather than exploring the transgressions of one single being, I came up with an idea for a documentary film on the transgression of a group of people; a generation, the digital generation, the 16-25s.

This film would explore how todays youth has transgressed from what they used to be like 50 years ago compared to now. The film would focus on the ambitions of young people at the moment, looking at the reasons as to why the ‘I dont know’ generation are more lazy and uninterested compared to the more active swinging young people of the 60s. Furthermore, the film will explore the affect the digital age has had on the young population . I call this being ‘jacked in’ all the time. We as a generation are always ‘jacked in’ to the digital world. We are slaves of it and slaves to our gadgets. Constantly facebooking, instgramming, tweeting, blogging, surfing and etc. Gaming aswell.

The film would explore a how wide range of topics comparing the 60s teens to the 2000s teens. The topics would range from drugs, music, life ambitions, intimacy and relationships. I’d like to juxtapose the two different times, using footage of young people then, that I can find on the internet, interviews from old people whom were young (I have access to loads of senior citizens )/ interviews from young people now.

The film would be called ‘Jacked In’.


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