Kick-Portraiture|Devoloping Idea| Visual Essay

As part of my visual essay I wanted to explore people through their shoes. This idea stemmed from our task on the long portrait. It goes back again to my interest in this ‘lost’ generation, my generation.

A lot of young people are concerned about the amount of shoes they have some having dozens upon dozens some having maybe about two pairs. Shoes for young people has become a part of the representation of their identity.  I’ve been toying around with this idea in my head for a while. Essentially, Id take single portraits of people faces, and then take a shot of the shoes they have on that day. Then place the picture of the portrait and the shoes side by side and see what can be said about the persons character through their shoes. I may ask them to describe in a sentence their choice in that pair of shoes that day. Then quote it below the two images.

It would be a really interesting way to see how young people view themselves and their choice in footwear.


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