Introspection Of The Adolescent Mind| Places & Spaces

I decided to name my 6 x 10 short video ‘Introspection Of The Adolescent Mind’. I chose to carry on with my exploration of juxtapositions and the meanings or feelings that can be evoked from two different places. Introspection meaning to look within ones own consciousness and thoughts is presented through the 3 x 10 shots of the river. The young adolescent is seen walking backwards, essentially rewinding time; which adds further connotations of looking within ones self. By walking backwards he is going back to his mistakes, trying to learn from them so he can grow up and not repeat silly things. However, this is contrasted with the fact that he is still a child, he still wants to have fun and not have to worry about troubling matters or the results of his actions. I particular like this pice of work, I was in two minds whether to have it with natural sounds or in silence. However the sounds of the birds, the river and the seesaw all won me over in the end.

‘Maybe The Internet Raised Us’


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