Rashomon | Influence On Style

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 00.00.53

After watching Rashomon, I have had a clear influence from Kazou Miyagawa Cinematography in the film. This influence now has to be adapted into the transgressions documentary on Michael Soper which we have called ‘Searching For The Unexplained’.

Kazou Miyagawa use of tracking shots will be something we can apply whilst filming actuality footage of Michael Soper UFO spotting at night. The use of long shots and close ups in our documentary is of importance also. Using close up’s when we want our audience to empthasize with Michael and long shots to put the audience in a objective position and distancing them away from him! The audience will never truly know what his world is like? We will never truly know. Distance gives the audience time to think about his character. HIs strangeness. One thing I understood from Rashomon is that one must always question the nature of reality. In the documentary we must compose our shots to question the relaity of UFO’s, are they real?

Initially I wanted to shoot Michael from low angle perspectives. Symbolising his search for UFO’s and the unknown. High angles also, to symbolise how these unknown beings may view us (him). But importantly to portray how we think we are above him because we think his insane but truthfully, maybe we are the insane ones for not being able to break away from what society tells us is normal and not normal.


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