Screen Test | Michael Soper |Transgressions

Previously filmed during the summer. Our documentary on Michael Soper as he ‘Searches For The Unexplained’ literally. Michael is a UFO spotter and philosopher on the subject of UFO’s. We had a set style when we filmed this however, I think this style is going to be changed if we decide to reshoot. As the cinematographer of the project its important to think about to how to present Michael’s strangeness through the documentary style. Maybe thinking about framing him in a way that goes against normal conventions because thats who he is now, someone who goes against the norms of everyday life. Another idea is to delve into questions that explore his transgression from renowned scientist and scholar to UFO spotter. A title that the population often associate with someone who is abnormal in a sense, crazy is another word used. In the next week or so we shall discuss as a group what path we should take.


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