Documentary Treatment | Searching For The Unexplained



Michael Soper leans his head against the car window, his gaze focused on the Oxford countryside. He is distant, his thoughts contained within his inquisitive expression. We see the passing of trees as he begins to describe his first paranormal experience. It is ambiguous, building a sense of unknown mystery. We see the title on screen, just as Michael reveals the subject of his fixation. UFO’s.

The Beginning

We see a long shot of Michael walking over a hill, he is describing his early career as a physicist, and his first UFO sighting. He sitting under a tree, light creeping in through the  branches. We cut to a close up of Michael as we learn of Michael’s struggle to maintain scientific perspective on his experiences, and the hardship he faced from the scientific community. During this, Michael is looking out over the urban landscape, further highlighting his separation from convention. The shot fades to indicate a passing of time.

Struggle and Conflict 

We hear a rustling of feet across the grass. At this point we see low angle shots to present Michaels presence in the field and to portray a symbolic representation of his search for UFO’s as well as his search for an alternate philosopy. Through the use of handheld imagery, we see Michael walking through the field at nightime, occasionally looking up at the sky. Michael is sitting on a bench, he points up at the sky, describing an unusual star pattern. The mood is more reflective in this segment, Michael opens up about his struggles in his family life. We see a close up of Michael’s eyes – he is now wearing a pair of home-made UFO glasses – and he begins to explain the process of spotting UFO’s and the close nit nature of the UFO community.


The film ends with Michael walking back over the hill (the other way). He is reflecting on his life as a UFO researcher, talking about his regrets and successes. The shot continues until it gradually fades, just as the interviewer asks Michael a final question. ‘Describe your life in one sentence’.

‘Making the most of every opportunity’


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