201MC | Professsional Experience Diary | Freelance Cinematographer / Camera Operator

As part of my professional experience I’ve chosen to be explore the realm of being a freelance cinematographer/ camera operator. In the next upcoming months, my plan of action is to strength my portfolio by creating high quality work thats nearly on par with professional productions out there. I have a very keen interesting in music video production so I’d like to begin working on a few videos for local artists.

My plan of action is to approach different local artists and produce music videos for them for free until I start getting some recognition and offers for paid work. I will use social networking to get to my clients and show them the work I have already via vimeo (which does not include music videos) mind you. However, I feel the film and documentary work I’ve down in and out of university is enough to show that Im more than capable of producing a music video and making it look good.

In addition, although Im going to have a strong focus on music video production, I will also be DP’ing documentaries for people or myself as well as looking for opportunities for work as a runner on professional productions. I hope the next couple of months are going to be insightful for me and develop me as a cinematographer and filmmaker.


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