People To People: Slough Freestyle Wrestling Club | Documentary Feature

Day 1 – 3

I was recently approached by a colleague of mine to help him produce a news feature about the decision made by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to remove wrestling from the Olympic programme and then reinstate it as of last month, October 2013 as part of 2020 and 2024 games. He managed to get in contact with a local club, ‘Slough Freestyle Wrestling Club’ and we went there to explore the impact of the decision before and after the reinstation, on the young wrestlers training to be Olympic Champions. My role in this production was camera operator/ editor/ sound, my colleague whom is budding journalist was the Werner Herzog of the small production.

Producing this feature wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. Team work was definitely key here, when it came to sound and the look of the production. I learned that controversial topics that affect a large group of people interest me, especially such a decision when wrestling has been part of the Olympics since its birth.  As mentioned by the coach in the piece below, wrestling is one of the founding fathers of the Olympics and to remove it from the programme is to make a very bad mistake.

After I’d finished editing the feature, I change some parts of the production and made it into a short 4min documentary which was I chose to release as part of the ‘Truemotion Collective’, a group which me and two of my colleagues formed to produce documentary and experimental work as a Trio. I named the piece ‘People to People: Slough Freestyle Wrestling Club’. People to People is a series of documentaries Ive been creating since the concept was introduced to me in my first year of university. I hope to continue to create content under the title and have a collection of documentaries exploring different things.


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