The Pitch | Future Media Task One

I have chosen to develop the following idea:

– A instant photography business called #polaroidtuesdays selling instant portraits to students around campus for a pound.

“The following idea came to me after I realised how many photos young adults take, especially selfies. In addition, I realised that theres a niche market for this particular service.   I’d be marketing myself around campus and to clubs around the uni as well as house parties. But the question still stands, why should people pay me to take a photo of them, when they have smartphones perfectly able to do that. Well, my service offers instant ‘printed’ photos right there and then. Whats the point in taking pictures on your phone and keeping them on a digital sphere, were they will be stored for ever and viewed when? Once every blue moon? Owning a physical copy you can display or look back upon as a moment in your life is more rewarding than having digital copy stuck in your memory capacity, which you’re going to have to take out; put it on a memory stick; take it to the store in order to print it out. With #polaroidtuesdays I’m offering the chance to immortalise your youth on a single frame before you finish university and face the real world. Im offering you a physical copy of history frozen in time for the price of a quid, so relax, pull a funny face, pull a sad face, cry, jump, and let me capture that moment for you.”

– So as mentioned above my target audience will be 18-24 year olds.

– I don’t think there are any similar instant photo projects such as this one apart from instagrams’ ‘humansofny’ and other copies of it in other major cities. Which focus on taking a portrait of someone and detailing the answer to question that the photographer asks them such as, e.g. (couple) “when did you fall in love with each other?”

– I plan to conduct some primary research on campus to try sell the service to people and see the results. I’d like to have a table were I can set up like a sells man and sell #poloroidtuesdays to the students.

-The pricing will go as following: £2 Portraits/ couples or pairs of friends, £3 for groups of friends (4 and above) (this price is still really cheap and comes from considering how much film will cost me)



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