Professional Experience Diary | Networking, 4talent, Film Festivals

Day 4

I’ve been trying to network with several rappers from around the Coventry area, things are moving slowly. Theres two potential music video shoots coming along from two local artists, one paid, one unpaid. The artists name are Pest & Manyun. Pest is recognised around the Coventry area more so than Manyun is as his worked with other local artists. Im excited for these upcoming projects as its a chance to showcase my ideas and talent and show people I mean business. The next two weeks are going to be interesting for me, and its going to be an interesting challenge directing people to create my vision.

Secondly, I’ve been looking for opportunities to learn more and better my craft. I came across a great opportunity to meet like minded people whom want to work in the media industry. I applied to be part of 4talent. A day organised by channel 4 to help young people  develop and understand what they need to do to get where they want to be. In addition, to completing this day one also receives access to the channel 4 alumni. This will be a great post graduate opportunity for me when I finish if theres nothing out there for me.

Thirdly, a film we produced as part of our Truemotion Collective ‘Searching For The Unexplained’ has been accepted into small screenings around the midlands area. The Rapid Eye Movement event at Warwick University & Roots To Shoot In Rugby. We have sent it off to a few festivals. Its very exciting entering our first film into a few festivals and its also a great experience for us for the future.


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