#PoloraidTuesdays | Primary Research |

As part of my primary research I took my Fujifilm instax camera to my friends birthday party to see the reception I’d receive with it. After everyone had arrived and the music was playing, the drinks were flowing; I took my camera out and began taking photos of people. Everyone was loving it. It was like a myth they’d only ever known to have existed before their time and only ever seen on their television boxes. I took about 8 photos and when people came to see the pictures, they wanted them. Thats when I told them that it was two pound for a photo. I managed to sell 3 photos for 2 pound, partly because most people needed change or had no cash at the time however what matters is that I had students going into their rooms searching for change, girls begging for a the picture for free, and it was clearly apparent that these polaroids pictures were a hit in the party and a hit amongst the people.

Here are some of the photos taken that weren’t picked up:

Photo 04-02-2014 23 16 33 Photo 04-02-2014 23 16 48 Photo 04-02-2014 23 17 12 Photo 04-02-2014 23 17 33 Photo 04-02-2014 23 18 08


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