Showa Shins ft. Starboy Willz – Shokoto (Viral Video) | Music Video

Day 5 – 7

I was approached by another colleague of mine to help him shoot a music video for two UK Afro-Beats artists. I was made aware that the shoot was big and it was paid work which made me happy as this was my first paid gig. The location had been sorted out, props had been sorted out, so all me and the director had to worry about was the imagery and how we were gonna set up our shots on location. My role in the project was cinematographer & assistant director, I operated the camera here and then but the majority of the time I was responsible for lighting the scenes but I also gave the director my opinion on set about what would work and what wouldn’t from a DP’s point of view.

As part of a two man cell for the shoot, Id say it was quite challenging. However, it went quite well. We had a great location, which we used to our advantage to make the video really come to life. I think we handled the shoot as professionally as we could. We knew our jobs and delegated tasks between us. We were organised in our lighting compositions and shots & there was no issues with any of the artists or their entourage. The whole shoot was full of positive energy even though the weather was terrible.

The intention of the music video was basically to just present a positive vibe for the song. We wanted to create a sequence of scenes that matched the song for example: the scene with everyone in it to present the feel good nature of the song and how it makes you want to dance or the scene with Showa Shins serenading one of the models representing that the song is aimed at a more female audience.

The shoot taught me the importance of team work and organisation. I recall thinking that if my colleague had not asked me for assistance there was no way he would have been able to shoot the video to the same quality because he was only one person. When he was setting up the camera I was setting up the lighting, this shows that having a team of extra hands is important because you can’t do everything by yourself and makes the work load half of what you’d have to do. It would have been better if we had an actual team comprised of people with different skills.

The video has since gone on to receive 15k views on Youtube and the single has been played at various clubs and on radio since and still till this day.


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