Funding | Start Up

I have thought about funding and come to the conclusion that I will fund the start up of the project myself. There are various ways for me to raise money to get cameras and film. My plans involving fund raising ideas include a cake/ brownie sale thats going to span over 6 weeks on tuesdays. I’ve decided to name it ‘instantbrownietuedays’. The days I will be selling cakes raising money, I will also be promoting my service by taking polaroids pictures of people in the building; of people eating their cakes and brownies; and just of the environment of the place. I’ve decided on the following for costs:

– Betty Crocker Super Moist devill’s Food Cake Mix – £2.25 x4

-I’ve estimated if I can get 32 slices of two double layered chocolate cakes I could charge, 75p a slice and make 24pound

– If I spend 30 on cake mixes I make a turnover of 62pound, then i invest half of it again into next weeks batch, by the end of the sixth week i would have made 190pound. Its not much but it would be a start.

As of any other funding organisations I am still collecting research on that front.


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