Defining Innovation |

Innovation is the creating or recreating of a new method, idea or product. This helps in contributing to the continuing a success of any organisation. I don’t think my idea is an innovation, I’ve been aware of this from the beginning however, its something Ive been keen on and have pursued. I think my idea is more of a innovative concept for night event photography at clubs. Research has shown me that there have been clubs that do printed pictures from digitally captured photographs, but there are no clubs that do polaroid photography on a night out.

I think my idea is interesting, its cool. Its refreshing, in a time were everything is so digitised, something like this can come and sweep up the place but it cannot not sweep the place up everyday. As a event organised by freelance event planners it could prove to be something great. However, as a business it may not be a sustainable idea as there are too many small factors that could really bury it before it lives.


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