Pest – Education (Remix) | Net Video

Day 8 – 9

I have just completed a quick video shoot for the rapper known as Pest. This was meant to be my first music video shoot and I wanted it to be perfect but was disappointed when he opted to change what I had set in terms of the treatment for a much easier option. My role in this was director of everything as its my first shoot.

We shot this in a studio at a Youth Centre in Coventry. I wanted my videos to be a practice of my craft which is Cinematography, so the use of lighting is important to me for any shoots I do as of now. I used a red and soft blue gel to light Pest in a dark studio. This was my first experience, experimenting with the use of light and how it can be used to affect compositions. Its a lesson in itself teaching yourself lighting and trying to make a better understanding of it but hopefully I will get there.

Ive learned about the cost of travelling as a freelancer if don’t have a car. I can’t use taxis to carry a large amount of equipment if I want to do this professionally.

The video has since gone on to gain 8k+ views on Youtube.


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