The Impossible Project |Polaroid Film Research

Even though Polaroid stopped producing film in 2008, a group of polaroid film enthusiasts set up a business inventing a new way to produce film since Polaroid had shut all but one of their factories. They leased the last remaining international film production site in the Netherlands. ‘The Impossible Project’ saw that there was still a huge demand for instant film and sort out to find a new way to make the legendary film.

Since leasing the factory and successfully finding a new way/ formula to create polaroid film ‘The Impossible Project’ has breathed new life into the medium. In 2012, The Impossible Project ‘sold more than 700,000 film packs. Nearly reaching a million in 2013. These statistics show me that ‘The Impossible Project’ is proving that theres a blooming market for ‘Polaroid’ film and cameras. It’s one of those retro mediums that is always going to be around. Similar to the longevity of Vinyl records which are still retailed and sold at markets and small music business’. This is an advantage for me as I am now able to to purchase a second hand Polaroid Camera and be able to acquire film for it through ‘The Impossible Project’. Below are screenshots of their website:

Screenshot 2014-03-06 00.00.12 Screenshot 2014-03-06 00.00.44

Florian Kaps founder of The Impossible Project talks about the importance and uniqueness of the object itself. “The Polaroid is really one of a kind photography. Each time you look at the image you can be sure the artist himself touched it” He believes that this is the answer to why people still want Polaroid photographs ‘in an age when digital-camera filters and photo apps can exactly mimic Polaroid’s aesthetic’.

The Impossible Project have experimented and taken the development of Polaroid film to new heights in order to achieve incredible results. They have developed colour instant film for Polaroid 600-type cameras, featuring vividly coloured frames. Here they are shown on their site:

Screenshot 2014-03-06 00.14.38 Screenshot 2014-03-06 00.16.18

As you can see in the second photo, these are incredible! I was planning to introduce these into my photo options for my target audience. Since my target audience is 18-24 year olds that go out clubbing. I think these would be a hit with the females with the  orange and red being more of the masculine choices (based on personal opinion and assumption). However, Im aware that I’d have to purchase a Polaroid 600 camera in order to supply this as part of my service.

The Impossible Project has made it possible for polaroid enthusiasts to carry on enjoying the medium. They have also created new films to use with polaroid cameras, film that is to the same quality and even better than that of the Polaroid original film.


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