Manyun420 – Ready For This | Music Video

Day 10 – 12

After a week or so of networking with Manyun we finally agreed to go ahead and start shooting a music video for his song ‘Ready For This’ off his mixtape ‘Manyun420 – Rapsick Park Vol.1’. This is going to be my first music video production, Im excited to see the finished product. Im acting as everything for this project, I have created a script, a shot list and the style I want to shoot the music video. I have full creative control and that makes me happy.

The day of the shoot, I decided on the use of stylistic lighting particularly using a green gel to represent the theme of the mixtape and to give the scene a very eerie atmosphere. The shoot went great. I was faced with hte challenge of working alone and having to set up and break down equipment as we moved around. I knew I wanted to do this right but make sure I can do it without complicating things. So I opted to use my accommodation/ student house as the location for the shoot. The shoot went great. It was a wonderful feeling being the creator of the whole piece, it gave me a sense of fulfilling. It would have been easier for me if id had a extra set of hands but Im i think i prefer to work alone and this must always be the case.

The video has since gone to reach 45,000 views since we shot it. It a nice achievement knowing that your work has been seen by someone you don’t know but yet I probably would have walked past them in the streets of Coventry or anywhere else.


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