O.N.W (Our Notion Works) | Independent Media Production Company

Day 13 

As well as being a freelance cinematographer/ camera operator for part of my professional experience I also recently decided to join a group of other media production students who started a media oriented company. The group comprises of different individuals that all bring a different set of skills to the table. The company is called ‘Our Notion Works’. Conceived from the word ‘notion’ meaning a belief/ idea to produce the best possible work.

I joined the group because its good having a group of people you can work with to create and achieve your goals. I took up the role of being a cinematographer within the group but none of us are held to our specified role we all work as a unit. Prior to me joining the group had already begun developing its name and online brand by setting themselves goals and producing cards, and hoodies to be more professional. The business card was essential for getting further work and will be important in attracting clients for events & jobs.  A Facebook and Twitter have already been setup to help the group promote themselves as well as a Youtube page. The logo is complete and it looks fantastic, a website is still on the works and due to be completed soon but I have been involved in photo-shoots and the covering of some events as part of the collective.

10257188_10154094562775029_7163698609520388398_o 10333332_10154094563370029_7448104801803548274_oBelow features two events we covered for Coventry University’s ACS (African Caribbean Society):



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