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I recently started thinking about ways I can gather data from my target audience without the use of Surveys to collect data. I have noted down that my target market is the 18 – 24 year old demographic. It is probably one of the hardest demographics to market toward and engage. Recent data collected from the May 2012, Comscore Demographic Profile, shows us the overview of Internet usage among, young people aged 18-24 spend:

– Total Minutes (MM) – 61,348
– Total Pages Viewed (MM) – 105,779
– Total Visits (MM) – 2,220,297
– Average Minutes per Visit – 27.6
– Average Visits per Visitor – 84.7

*Data pulled from May 2012 ComScore Demographic Profile

As you can see that the 18 – 24 year old demographic spends a lot time on the internet. Through observation and study we have found that this is the audience that is excited to discover new content, and will spend time on it and share it, if its good. The previous data collected, let me know that, in order to target this audience, one must go where the party is. The 18-24 demographic consumes content that allows us to escape reality, I knew that I had to get their attention quick without getting them to write much. Recent research into the demographic has found out that, you need to create humorous content, that they can relate to or spend time interacting with in a way that provides escapism for the audience.

I decided to try market research through my Facebook status and twitter page to see if i can get a response from a small group of 18-24 year olds, the following pictures show my predicted progress on Facebook:

Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.15.22

Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.12.28 I’ve noted down that there is an interest amongst University students for the service. By showing my target audience a sample picture within my post. I was able to spark that yearning for something tangible within my research. I was asked several questions and some people seemed to confuse the idea for a photo printing service offered by clubs at the end of the night. It was important for me to distinguish between the two.  In addition, I also did some research via twitter were I also got good local and not so local results. I tried to make the question go viral by tweeting it to some celebrities e.g. Jamal Edwards (founder of SB.TV) but it didn’t quite set sail.

Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.20.09

 Screenshot 2014-03-06 08.19.00

After correlating my results by looking at gender likeliness for the idea I’ve found out that theres a larger number of girls who are interested than boys. In fact, 2/3 of research is responses form girls more than it is boys. Heres a pie chart, showing the evidence from a population number of 208 people that were exposed to the question:

chart Its clear to me now that just as Fujifilm market their instax mini 8 camera toward a more female based audience, maybe I should look into marketing more toward females swell. As I discussed in earlier posts about the use of coloured framing offers by ‘The Impossible Project’. Even though I’m still targeting a 18-24 year old demographic, I know now that this service is something that attracts more girls because of things like ‘best friend scrapbook’ and ‘memory walls’.


Rishvika. (2012). Age Matters. Available: Last accessed 21st Feb 2014.

May 2012, ComScore, Demographic Profile.



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