Why 18 – 24 year olds? | Audience Research

The 18-24 demographic is one of the most powerful demographics. I chose to target my service to this demographic because they are the ones that go out clubbing the most. The so called ‘ College Demographic’. They don’t necessarily have to be in college but regardless they are all going though that stage of a new independence “as they begin to split from family dynamics and become their own consumer”. Research has shown that I need to target my service toward girls more. Relating to this new found independence that the 18-24 demographic they are also still beginning to find themselves and their identity. This is a crucial time for them. Theres lots of partying and getting drunk. Loads of broken iPhone screens and iPhones, lost wallets and purses, losses of house keys..etc Through this whole wild time at Uni, very few go out of their way to ensure they have a memorable picture that they can look at and say those were my best times at University. My service offers the capturing of the real moments with the friends that are supposedly going to be your friends for life. 

Why market analogue to a demographic obsessed with digital? Its refreshing. The rise of the so called ‘Golden Triangle’ of technology, mobile, social, and real-time has become such a part of our lifestyle thats we exposed to the digital world all the time. If one medium doesn’t have our attention the other one has. 

If we look at this table from emarketer.com about the number of 18-24 year olds going online every year, we can see its gradually increasing.  Its been estimated that in 2014 there will be 29million 18-24 year online at least once per month. With the digital generation growing up in this digital utopia, other mediums of interaction are being ignored. Theres a rise in demand for something different. However, could be offering something different continuously prove to be popular or could it just be a one hit wonder and die out.

I went out to speak to the manager of the SU club, Hush, about his opinion of the project and service I’m trying to offer to 18-24 year olds. Heres what he had to share on the matter:


I was particularly surprised with Jonathan’s response that it won’t be as popular as it is at the start if it goes on for a long period time. I think his right, speaking and referring back to the attention span of young adults. young adults are quick to get bored, after a while they won’t be interested in it anymore and would rather return back to having pictures taken digitally of them in a club. In addition, Jonathan talked about doing the service as a one of event which really caught my attention. I think offering the service as a one of event every once in a while which work rather than as regular club thing. I think this is something I should look into as part of my future development plan.


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