Competitor Research | Polaroid Film Vs. Digital

The biggest apparent competitors to my service is digital cameras and camera phones. As well as professional photographers/ companies. I unfortunately don’t delve into photography although, I have some experience of it, and pictures I’ve taken on my own that I could use as a showreel. However, I lack experience taking pictures in clubs so thats a disadvantage on my side when it comes to competitions from others who will have samples from clubs they’ve shot for. The biggest competitor to my service is really just any digital picture taking device. Digital memory storage technology is also cheap and more cost efficient to buying film which is expensive, costing £13.03 for 2 packs of 10 singles. This is of course for Fujifilm Instax 210. This is roughly about 0.65p per shot, which is not that bad compared to how much ‘The Impossible Project’ charges for their film, which £17 for a pack of 9. That adds up to about £1.80 per shot, if you’re using a Polaroid 600 camera which the film they produce is basically tailored toward that camera. The above evidence acts as further support for my decision to purchase the Fujifilm Instax 210.

Competitors vary in form for my business. Instagram is a competitor. When Instagram launched back in 2010, it changed the way people took pictures. Instagram produces square photos that remind you of instant polaroids.

In addition, like most photo apps, it offers filters that help turn your picture into polaroid picture aesthetics. In addition, apps such as Squaready provide additional features to instagram’s lack of layout. It offers the option to crop your images full so that you see the whole picture inside instagrams little white square. I consider this app a competitor because its almost like framing. It enables the user to frame their picture in the are wanted and doesn’t limit the user the way Instagram does. I also realise that my audience can easily take pictures digitally on their phones, but they’ve been doing that since they were in year 7. Research shows that theres an increase in sales in instant cameras, which in turn means theres a demand, amongst the digital generation.

In terms of close competitors or similar ventures I have found no competitors which tells me that the market is open for this type of service. There are instant photography companies out there that take pictures digital and having print machines on location, this is nothing similar to what I want to do. Theres is a club local to me called JJ’s located in Coventry’s city centre. The club offers printed keyring photos at the end of the night. So the pictures are taken digitally and printed for key rings for a separate price if you want one.

This is near enough similar (the printing of pictures) however, my service is taking pictures through the analog form and using a polaroid film camera. I wouldn’t class JJ’s as a competitor however, they do come close with their service.



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