4Talent Day Invitation | Networking

Day 14


I was recently invited to a 4talent day by Channel 4 on the 27th February 2014.

Congratulations! You have been accepted onto the 4Talent Day in Coventry with Channel 4.

We have lots of exciting workshops and industry talks lined up for you, including career advice from Channel 4 staff.

Our Producer Deborah Lane-Winter will be in touch with you regarding the running of the day, but please make sure you are with us bright and early at Henley College Coventry, Henley Road, Bell Green, for registration which opens at 9:00am, we kick off at 9:30am and the day will finish at 5:00pm.

There will be three workshops for you to choose from and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The day was a great opportunity to get involved with other budding media professionals. It was day filled with knowledge about how to get yourself out there and what you need to do to make something out of yourself. Its not about being famous or getting famous but about who has the best ideas, and who you know swell. You have to seek yourself and your skills, and build a list of contacts.

I learned a lot from the 4talent team were I also showed our True-motion Collective  documentary to other people, and collected business cards. I learnt that I need a business card also and I need to look into getting some made for myself. As a freelance cinematographer these are one of the things I need to have on the ready when people ask me for a card etc. Through attending this day I picked a few tips and was inspired to continue my goal and chase my dreams. In addition, I am now part of the Channel 4 Alumni for opportunities which is great for the future and when I finish University.



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