202MC – Neo Liberalism (Conclusion, reflection)

Neo Liberalism is defined as being an ideology of the free individual. However, I think that its just a term to mask the structure and dividation of social hierarchies where the upper classes still rule. Hill fields is an area once ruled by upper class men and women but ver the year turned into a area housing migrants and working class people. Neo liberalism does nothing to help better todays societies. Its a tool used by the state to influence further capitalism on modern life, and ensure that all the money goes through the 1percenters of the world whilst the 99percent is left to suffer.  Hill Fields is prime example of an area where neo liberalist ideologies do not exist. In these small worlds its a every man for himself and his family mentality. People are forced together in small area, typically people with backgrounds which don’t like each other. The hill fields are is largely dormant to people of colour, and foreign owned business, it is a multicultural place and a small community and it looks as if its fine from what i saw from my observations.

Neo Liberalism uses race, class, gender to rule over societies. It is a hegemonic process delivering new and old ideal into the modern world whilst continuing to reconstruct itself and expand.We are set to live in this neo liberalistic world for a while now, not until a revolution comes, a real one.


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