Why Polaroid?

Why Polaroids? 

Why do people still want polaroid photographs in an age when digital camera filters/ photo apps can exactly mimic Polaroid aesthetics?

I’ve chosen polaroids because it goes against everything that is happening in the modern world right now. The digital age is well on its way, and analog technology is dying out. However, I’ve seen that with the norm of having digital technology right now, has actually increased a demand for the physical within the market.

Firstly, a polaroid is familiar with everyone. The white border that covers the picture; ‘a thick strip that acts as a plinth for the picture’ is such an iconic thing in modern pop culture. It has a certain artistic flair about it. I wanted something artistic, and that stood out and to the crowd. Polaroid already had become a mass market commodity back in the 60s. So I knew it was something people were familiar with. Its sexy and people still get excited when they find themselves in ones company.

Why Polaroid? Polaroid is an authentic record of reality. Did last night really happen just because you have a digital tagged photo of yourself on your Facebook? With polaroid you are able to seperate reality from hyperreality through tangibility. Polaroid photographs are tangible thats why its so exciting when you have them in your hand. Its right there, to touch and to examine. Theres a certain legacy with it, a USP. Once you’ve been captured you become part of a long history of artistic images. Time is frozen with this white border, and because ‘you are part of the whole process of the photo becoming an image the whole thing becomes more valuable’.

Susan Sontag explained in her book ‘On Photography’ that photography “is not just the result of an encounter between an event and a photographer; picture-taking is an event in itself”. Through polaroids, I plan to make club photography an event, not a chore. Eliminating, the frequent asked questions by people such as “can we see what the photo looks like; can you take another my hair was a mess”. There will be an element of surprise with every picture, it will be an unrepeatable event. However, the advantages received from it will make it more worth while. Capturing moments in an instant!

In addition, through the use of polaroids, there is not post production costs. I won’t have to worry about organising or editing digital pictures. Also, polaroids just have a certain look that cannot be copied. It’s not dots on a screen, but chemistry on a negative, its more refreshing than taking pictures digitally.


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#PoloraidTuesdays | Primary Research |

As part of my primary research I took my Fujifilm instax camera to my friends birthday party to see the reception I’d receive with it. After everyone had arrived and the music was playing, the drinks were flowing; I took my camera out and began taking photos of people. Everyone was loving it. It was like a myth they’d only ever known to have existed before their time and only ever seen on their television boxes. I took about 8 photos and when people came to see the pictures, they wanted them. Thats when I told them that it was two pound for a photo. I managed to sell 3 photos for 2 pound, partly because most people needed change or had no cash at the time however what matters is that I had students going into their rooms searching for change, girls begging for a the picture for free, and it was clearly apparent that these polaroids pictures were a hit in the party and a hit amongst the people.

Here are some of the photos taken that weren’t picked up:

Photo 04-02-2014 23 16 33 Photo 04-02-2014 23 16 48 Photo 04-02-2014 23 17 12 Photo 04-02-2014 23 17 33 Photo 04-02-2014 23 18 08

The Pitch | Future Media Task One

I have chosen to develop the following idea:

– A instant photography business called #polaroidtuesdays selling instant portraits to students around campus for a pound.

“The following idea came to me after I realised how many photos young adults take, especially selfies. In addition, I realised that theres a niche market for this particular service.   I’d be marketing myself around campus and to clubs around the uni as well as house parties. But the question still stands, why should people pay me to take a photo of them, when they have smartphones perfectly able to do that. Well, my service offers instant ‘printed’ photos right there and then. Whats the point in taking pictures on your phone and keeping them on a digital sphere, were they will be stored for ever and viewed when? Once every blue moon? Owning a physical copy you can display or look back upon as a moment in your life is more rewarding than having digital copy stuck in your memory capacity, which you’re going to have to take out; put it on a memory stick; take it to the store in order to print it out. With #polaroidtuesdays I’m offering the chance to immortalise your youth on a single frame before you finish university and face the real world. Im offering you a physical copy of history frozen in time for the price of a quid, so relax, pull a funny face, pull a sad face, cry, jump, and let me capture that moment for you.”

– So as mentioned above my target audience will be 18-24 year olds.

– I don’t think there are any similar instant photo projects such as this one apart from instagrams’ ‘humansofny’ and other copies of it in other major cities. Which focus on taking a portrait of someone and detailing the answer to question that the photographer asks them such as, e.g. (couple) “when did you fall in love with each other?”

– I plan to conduct some primary research on campus to try sell the service to people and see the results. I’d like to have a table were I can set up like a sells man and sell #poloroidtuesdays to the students.

-The pricing will go as following: £2 Portraits/ couples or pairs of friends, £3 for groups of friends (4 and above) (this price is still really cheap and comes from considering how much film will cost me)


The Ideas | Future Media Task One

For my 3 one minute ‘Elevator Pitches’ Ive come with the following ideas:

– A two part music video narrative for a music artist

– A cooking show aimed at Coventry Uni students that would be launched via SourceTv

– A instant photography business called #polaroidtuesdays selling instant portraits to students around campus for a pound.

These ideas although quite different, all include the use of a camera to sell the product/ service.

Searching For The Unexplained | Shooting Script


kenfehfwfWe have decided to reshoot our documentary this time focusing more on the subject of interview process with Michael. We want try to try to create that moment were the audience connect with the character. We hope to get more personal with Michael this time round but not to personal so that we don’t lose the content that is Michael Soper’s intelligence. Our shooting script is ready for Tuesday 19th of November.

The Chauvet Cave Paintings | Interpret & Create

Reflections and Thoughts

article-0-08570fec000005dc-72_468x312As part of our creative brief four, we were given a photograph or painting and asked to make a short narrative film based on our interpretation of the image. When I looked at the painting and saw the subject, immediately I thought handprints equals people; a drawing of some sort of animal so that was a representation of all forms of life. I tied the spiral in and defined that as the circle of life. There are three circles one inside the other. I broke this down as a representation of birth, life and death. After listening to several opinions of what my group members had come up with I particularly liked the idea that this is one of the first pieces of art/ story telling in history.  In addition, it can also be seen as a map for the human race swell as a message hidden within the visual meaning of it.

You could view this painting as as one of the first forms of montage. Theres a juxtaposition of the images, that separately they have random meanings. However, when put as a whole/ collective theres a wider meaning to the painting.

imagesHaving taken a brief look at the Werner Herzog film ‘ Cave of Forgotten Dreams’, “the permanence of the cave paintings to this day symbolically defines the worth of articulating one’s inner self” or in the case of the film “dreams”, which even when seemingly forgotten, have continued to exist, suspended in beautiful perfection with time as patient witness. It leaves one to ask the question after watching the film that ‘Are these paintings, the forgotten dreams of our ancestors and do they also serve as a guide to our true selves’.

I realise that this painting draws different meanings from the interpreter. Is it safe to say that it shows you what peoples minds are like and what they think when they see this; what it means for them? Who is to say theres only one meaning to it or one dream, its multiple meanings and multiple dreams represented within it. All ideas and visions contrast each other but are still brought together by the subjects (hands, spiral, animal) whom act as the impetus’ to the individuals dream/ thoughts about the image.

Our Film Idea

Below is a very short pitch for the film we wish to make, based on themes and visual interpretations of the original cave painting image :

A short drama film in which two contrasting lives are forced together through a message scrawled in a tunnel underpass. In both parralel stories, the tunnel holds the key to unwanted memories, triggered by a single image on the wall. The film explores the significance and impact of images, as well the human instinct to hide away unwanted feelings.’   



Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Werner Herzog (2010)