Manyun420 – Fe Fi Fo Fum | Music Video

Day 19 – 20

Manyun is my first official client and first collaborator. Im proud of this as this has come just via social networking. I have now produced 2 videos of him, with work planned for summer. I look forward to creating more visuals for him in the future and continuing a good working relationship. Since the start of my music video directing journey I have learnt a trade of skills and things to work in the future. From here on the work only gets better, I hope and the learning continues.

We shot the following video in some woods in Coventry. It was a great experience working with different crops and working with a Jib. I had a lot of fun on this shoot and got some great shots.

The video has since got 12k views on his youtube page which is great.


Jimmy Brooks Ft. M.fazz – Green | Music Video

Day 17-18

Continuing to network with rappers around the Coventry area I came across Jimmy Brooks, whom is a rapper studying at Coventry University but resides in London. We got talking from one of the events I was covering with O.N.W collective and I decided to make a video for one of his songs ‘Green’ which is a cover of another song by famous rapper ‘SchoolBoy Q’ called ‘Yay Yay’. As I’ve learnt from my past productions that one cannot do everything on his own I asked one of my friend to give me some extra hands on the shoot.

We travelled to his house and continuing my theme of stylistic green lighting we lit up his house with two gels that complimented each other very well. The lighting came of very good and the video came out great however, it didn’t receive as much of an audience as I would have hoped.

The views capped below 1k which was quite disappointing.


‘The Rise Of Vintage Fashion’ | Documentary Feature

Day 15 -16

I was recently asked by a colleague of mine to help produce a feature on vintage fashion in London’s very own, Brick lane. Brick Lane is home of some of London’s most impressive street art, along with a wide range of ethnic foods, art exhibitions and most importantly vintage fashion.

The purpose of the feature was to show the individuality that vintage fashion gives to people. Each person makes vintage cater to them and their person style. I was particularly excited to shoot in Brick lane because of the imagery there. My role was camera operator and editor in the production and it was a fun experience. I learnt that i need to start investing more into myself and craft so that I can produce better work, particularly investing into a decent shoulder should be one of main goals in the following weeks.  Thous the shoot went well and the piece was well received in a very niche market. I learnt a lot about my person style of shooting.

4Talent Day Invitation | Networking

Day 14


I was recently invited to a 4talent day by Channel 4 on the 27th February 2014.

Congratulations! You have been accepted onto the 4Talent Day in Coventry with Channel 4.

We have lots of exciting workshops and industry talks lined up for you, including career advice from Channel 4 staff.

Our Producer Deborah Lane-Winter will be in touch with you regarding the running of the day, but please make sure you are with us bright and early at Henley College Coventry, Henley Road, Bell Green, for registration which opens at 9:00am, we kick off at 9:30am and the day will finish at 5:00pm.

There will be three workshops for you to choose from and they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The day was a great opportunity to get involved with other budding media professionals. It was day filled with knowledge about how to get yourself out there and what you need to do to make something out of yourself. Its not about being famous or getting famous but about who has the best ideas, and who you know swell. You have to seek yourself and your skills, and build a list of contacts.

I learned a lot from the 4talent team were I also showed our True-motion Collective  documentary to other people, and collected business cards. I learnt that I need a business card also and I need to look into getting some made for myself. As a freelance cinematographer these are one of the things I need to have on the ready when people ask me for a card etc. Through attending this day I picked a few tips and was inspired to continue my goal and chase my dreams. In addition, I am now part of the Channel 4 Alumni for opportunities which is great for the future and when I finish University.


O.N.W (Our Notion Works) | Independent Media Production Company

Day 13 

As well as being a freelance cinematographer/ camera operator for part of my professional experience I also recently decided to join a group of other media production students who started a media oriented company. The group comprises of different individuals that all bring a different set of skills to the table. The company is called ‘Our Notion Works’. Conceived from the word ‘notion’ meaning a belief/ idea to produce the best possible work.

I joined the group because its good having a group of people you can work with to create and achieve your goals. I took up the role of being a cinematographer within the group but none of us are held to our specified role we all work as a unit. Prior to me joining the group had already begun developing its name and online brand by setting themselves goals and producing cards, and hoodies to be more professional. The business card was essential for getting further work and will be important in attracting clients for events & jobs.  A Facebook and Twitter have already been setup to help the group promote themselves as well as a Youtube page. The logo is complete and it looks fantastic, a website is still on the works and due to be completed soon but I have been involved in photo-shoots and the covering of some events as part of the collective.

10257188_10154094562775029_7163698609520388398_o 10333332_10154094563370029_7448104801803548274_oBelow features two events we covered for Coventry University’s ACS (African Caribbean Society):


Manyun420 – Ready For This | Music Video

Day 10 – 12

After a week or so of networking with Manyun we finally agreed to go ahead and start shooting a music video for his song ‘Ready For This’ off his mixtape ‘Manyun420 – Rapsick Park Vol.1’. This is going to be my first music video production, Im excited to see the finished product. Im acting as everything for this project, I have created a script, a shot list and the style I want to shoot the music video. I have full creative control and that makes me happy.

The day of the shoot, I decided on the use of stylistic lighting particularly using a green gel to represent the theme of the mixtape and to give the scene a very eerie atmosphere. The shoot went great. I was faced with hte challenge of working alone and having to set up and break down equipment as we moved around. I knew I wanted to do this right but make sure I can do it without complicating things. So I opted to use my accommodation/ student house as the location for the shoot. The shoot went great. It was a wonderful feeling being the creator of the whole piece, it gave me a sense of fulfilling. It would have been easier for me if id had a extra set of hands but Im i think i prefer to work alone and this must always be the case.

The video has since gone to reach 45,000 views since we shot it. It a nice achievement knowing that your work has been seen by someone you don’t know but yet I probably would have walked past them in the streets of Coventry or anywhere else.

Pest – Education (Remix) | Net Video

Day 8 – 9

I have just completed a quick video shoot for the rapper known as Pest. This was meant to be my first music video shoot and I wanted it to be perfect but was disappointed when he opted to change what I had set in terms of the treatment for a much easier option. My role in this was director of everything as its my first shoot.

We shot this in a studio at a Youth Centre in Coventry. I wanted my videos to be a practice of my craft which is Cinematography, so the use of lighting is important to me for any shoots I do as of now. I used a red and soft blue gel to light Pest in a dark studio. This was my first experience, experimenting with the use of light and how it can be used to affect compositions. Its a lesson in itself teaching yourself lighting and trying to make a better understanding of it but hopefully I will get there.

Ive learned about the cost of travelling as a freelancer if don’t have a car. I can’t use taxis to carry a large amount of equipment if I want to do this professionally.

The video has since gone on to gain 8k+ views on Youtube.