202MC – HillFields (Race & Migration)

IMG_9390 Hillfields has a high population of immigrants compared to any other part of Coventry. As you can see in the above picture, that is Hill Fields highstreet which is mainly populated with Fried Chicken Shops, Kebab Shops & Pizza shops all owned by Asian families. Nearly all of the shops on the hughstreet are owned by people of foreign background. I have noticed that in most areas around the country, there are places like Hill Fields where all the immigrants and people of colour are packed into. I have come to realise that the Neo-Liberal system is designed to keep a certain order and gap between rich and poor. Where there are poorer areas, you often notice how densely populated it is and how it differs to lets say a place like Earlsdon. Earlsdon is an area for the more middle to upper class families that reside in the Coventry/ Warwickshire County. It boasts large detached houses and in a single road you’ll most likely be able to count several new models of fancy cars and just not so old fancy cars.

Now compare that image to these:


IMG_9372 IMG_9371

In recent years, there been increase in the migration of people of colour in the Hill Fields area, particularly Somalis. These migrations and increase in population has seen Hill Fields turn into a one of the worst places in Cov fuelled with gang violence from the oppressed black youths. Furthermore, famous black Coventrians who have lived in Hillfields include Neville Staple of who has written about the dance scene and casual street violence that were a hallmark of life in that area.

Below is a music video shot in Hill Fields. It present to us the normal/ standard lives of the youths in that area. It brings awareness to the things that the youths are getting involved in and how its caused by lack of Jobs and apprenticeships to take the youths of the roads.

Neo-liberalism does nothing to support the 1%, the economy is bust and the poorer people are suffering from it.




202MC – Hill Fields (Red Light District & Neoliberalism)

In the 1980’s Hill Fields was well known for its red light district. However, following a huge crackdown on prostitution in the area by the police, as well as constant police surveillance in the area. The red light district isn’t as active is it used to be but sex workers can still be found in the area.

Sex workers in Hill Fields are a result of the neo-liberal economy, as the years have gone by. The rise of power in the state meant that men had more opportunities to make something of themselves than women did. The expectations of any woman in time have always been to be a more stay at home wife, who looks after the house and the children and cooks. To this day woman are still constantly represented in the media as a housewife or a sex symbol. Unlike other regions such South east Asia women in the West have a choice. In poorer areas, female become involved in the sex market because they are enslaved in the “double binds of patriarchal subordination and capitalistic exploitation, which deprives them of other income earning options”. However, females typically in the West, have the rational ability and right to chose sexual labour as employment.

In a society and economy practically created by men, women are the individuals left to suffer in a economy that takes advantage of the vulnerable individual. Women have become a nations most profitable product, and the neo-liberalistic world with its ideologies have reinforced the selling of a women body as a means to make money. Sex sells as they say. Largely, the main reason in the booming of the red light district was due to the changes in the Neo Liberalistic world of today more so than it was to do with unemployment. The new world was beginning on the basis of ‘Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll’. There was a sense of freedom and individuality brought in by Neo-Liberalism. That and a massive influence coming from America which expanded the British Neo-Liberastic view.

Gender has always paved the way in which things are run. In a world which talks about equality and freedom, it was in-fact the opposite and rather a state which was oppressive and governed society rather than letting individuals be free. It can be argued that neoliberal policies have laid the foundation for the exploitation of economically disadvantaged individuals and women in particular. Neo-liberalism is described as being a “market driven ideology that seeks to transfer economic activity and wealth from the public sector to the private”. Neo-liberalism offers a “distorted view of reality, how people are living and their agential capacity to improve their lives.


Adrienne Sanders. (2008). How Neo-liberalism has Bolstered the Global Sex Trade. Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia. 1 (1), 1-6.