Manyun420 – Fe Fi Fo Fum | Music Video

Day 19 – 20

Manyun is my first official client and first collaborator. Im proud of this as this has come just via social networking. I have now produced 2 videos of him, with work planned for summer. I look forward to creating more visuals for him in the future and continuing a good working relationship. Since the start of my music video directing journey I have learnt a trade of skills and things to work in the future. From here on the work only gets better, I hope and the learning continues.

We shot the following video in some woods in Coventry. It was a great experience working with different crops and working with a Jib. I had a lot of fun on this shoot and got some great shots.

The video has since got 12k views on his youtube page which is great.


The Lost Hands | Drawing From The Arts

After discussing the ideas we all had about the Chauvet Cave Paintings, we decided to make a film that questions the significance of images in our lives and the primal human instinct of wanting to be remembered. The short film connotes many messages behind it such as the longing to return back to the beginnings in order to find ourselves in this life. Furthermore, the importance of seeing the human race as a community who should solve their problems and questions together.

Long Portrait/ Cinemagraph|Cinematography

I decided to base my Long Portrait/ Cinemagraph on questions and mystery. At the start of the first year we were asked to come up with five ideas and obsessions. I made it clear in my choices that one of my obsessions is questioning everything.

In this single shot of myself; I position the shot toward the mirror, thereby positioning the viewer at a point were they are looking at a reflection of me rather than directly at me. I did this because I wanted the viewer to be in a voyeristic position, were they are not allowed to see my face but just my back. I didn’t want the viewer to imprint their thoughts on me, their judgements nor to pick out my flaws. As quoted by Susan Sontag in her collection of essays ‘On Photography’: “You see someone on the street…and essentially what you notice about them is the flaw”. I think this can be applied in this situation. I wanted to keep the viewer at a distance, out of my world, but not completely. I decided to set the shot up this way because I felt that this also gave the viewer a chance to question my character as they try decipher me. The viewer is at a position were they can focus on other things such as the (mise-en-scene) in the frame; the viewer begins to try piece together my character through the different semiotic signals presented. I chose to use my desk light to create the mood/ atmosphere. Its lonesome, its dark, it secluded, its everything I am. Through one shot of completely nothingness I feel I have revealed everything.